Friday, October 22, 2010

6 a.m. Gross.

A friend of mine who worked with me at Movie Gallery has a fourteen-year-old daughter that comes over to my house sometimes to escape life or whatever and hang out. Last night, we were supposed to wait up to see the midnight showing of Paranormal Activity 2.

She came over in the afternoon and we had dinner, watched Grumpy Old Men, chatted a bit and waited for the time to leave for the theater.

One of us was supposed to be getting in with a free pass and she had told me that the website said nothing about passes not being accepted. I double-checked the site before leaving and discovered that she was wrong. Passes generally aren't accepted for brand-new releases, so we shrugged and headed to the theater.

The sign outside says that Paranormal Activity 2 was playing at 9:50. We were a little confused and thought maybe the sign was wrong... but it was completely accurate and there was NO midnight showing of the movie. So there we were at the theater, decked out in our PJs cause I was usually in bed and deeply into an Ambien coma by then, being told by a group of teenagers that the movie was almost over. And wasn't very good, anyway.

I pretty much guessed the last part. I remember when the Blair Witch Project was a big deal and the second one was absolute crap that had NOTHING to do with the first, so I wasn't really all that upset.

Instead, we headed to the store to grab a couple needed groceries to make a birthday cake for a friend of mine and arrived home over an hour earlier than planned. I certainly don't mind, considering the early time I had to be up this morning.

Ugh. Six. I'm sure it wouldn't feel this way if I had eight hours of sleep last night, but those are the sacrifices you make sometimes. Yesterday simply wasn't my day, but I laughed all the little things away. Murphy was definitely getting some entertainment at my expense.

Here's to hoping today is a little better.

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